About Tatev

Since 2006 I have been a professional Life Coach and one of the first Life Coaches in Cyprus. I have a broad background in the fields of mental health including Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and NLP, all of which I acquired around the world.


Although, believing that I had the latest and most-effective approaches from around the world would enable me to get the best results with most clients most of the time, nothing seemed long lasting and truly beneficial.

Within a year of practicing I was beginning to become less motivated to see clients because even though they were having amazing results in areas where it was more about symptom control, their overall wellbeing was barely improving. In other words, I had clients who no longer had fear of Public Speaking, no phobias, were more assertive in voicing their needs, even cured from some psychosomatic symptoms, but nevertheless, they still remained fundamentally unhappy people. Consequently, I started investing my time again into discovering further for the “miracle approach”.

During my extensive search I came across the work of Sydney Banks and very quickly I came to see the bigger possibility that I was looking for so long. And, for the very first time in my life, I knew I finally fell into something very real that I could confidently rely on.

By 2010, within one year, I had completely changed my coaching style and quickly started seeing the changes in my clients. These were existential changes. All of a sudden from being at the mercy of life they started feeling they have a lot more control, with clarity and profound feeling of joy and wellbeing.

With Three Principles based Coaching I strongly believe I have the ability to create real changes, in the most fundamental, gentle, and effective ways.

“In the quiet chambers of your mind lies the knowledge you seek. Not in a complicated search, but only from a positive mind can you ever find the answer to this mystical puzzle..”

– Syd Banks